Prevatex completes initial R&D goals

november 12, 2018

Geelong, Australia – Prevatex Pty Ltd an emerging life sciences company focussed on developing and bringing to market next generation probiotics to restore and maintain a healthy maternal microbiome during pregnancy, is pleased to announce that it has completed its first development goal, and has successfully developed a robust protocol for culture of Prevotella copri (P. copri).

“It has been an exciting start for the company, and we have achieved a lot in the first phase of R&D” said Dr Greg Collier, PhD, Executive Chairman of Prevatex.

“In fact we have exceeded our original aspirations, and have developed a protocol for rapid specific identification of P. copri when grown in a plate of bacteria or in any mixed culture (such as a faecal sample), and, most importantly, isolated a pure culture of a number of novel, proprietary P. copri strains. This is a major achievement, de-risking the technical aspects of the Prevatex development plan, and moving us closer to human safety studies.”