The past decade has seen significant interest in the microbiome. It is now clearly established that a healthy gut microbiota is paramount to the general health of individuals, with implications across a wide range of diseases.

There is also a growing body of understanding regarding the importance of the maternal microbiome to the health of the newborn infant. Recent discoveries indicate that antibiotics, diet and other lifestyle factors have significantly changed the maternal microbiome over the past hundred years, and that these changes are intimately linked to the health of the mother and the developing foetus.

Prevatex has licensed a suite of intellectual property covering a link between a specific bacteria in the maternal and infant microbiomes and the risk of infants developing both food allergies and behavioural concerns in the first years of life.

Leveraging strong managerial expertise in developing peadiatric probiotics, Prevatex is developing a proprietary and effective probiotic bacteria, to establish and maintain a healthy maternal and infant microbiome.