Greg Collier, PhD

Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Dr Collier has more than 25 years experience spanning commercial, operational, clinical and scientific aspects of pharmaceutical research and development. He is a highly regarded and successful biotechnology senior executive with an outstanding international record of achievement in clinical drug development, corporate management, strategic planning and implementation across the global biotechnology industry.

He has held positions of CEO, Executive Chairman, Director and Non-Executive Director at ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals, Invion Limited, Photonz Corp, Avecho Ltd, Tessara Ltd and other start up biotechnology companies. His experience in pre-clinical and clinical drug development is complemented with extensive experience in technology commercialisation, strategic planning, deal negotiation and transaction such as licensing, M&A and trade sales. In 2013 Greg was a co-founder of Evolve Biosystems, a leading US-based infant probiotics company.