Prevatex Pty Ltd is a microbiome company founded by a team of experienced biotech executives, scientists and clinicians to develop and bring to market novel probiotic-based biotherapeutics to establish and maintain a traditional, healthy maternal microbiome.

Prevatex is a spin-out from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Deakin University and Barwon Health. The company has licensed a suite of intellectual property concerning the role of the maternal and infant microbiome in reducing the risks of allergic disease and behavioural concerns. The company has leveraged more than $5 million in grants and clinical studies, and has completed seed financing to fund ongoing proof of principle studies.

Prevatex builds on more than a decade of research into the nexus between the maternal and infant microbiomes and their role in priming and programming the infant immune system. Particularly, in 2017 the Barwon Infant Study (BIS) discovered a strong link between the presence of a specific bacteria in the maternal microbiome and significantly reduced risk of developing food allergy in the first year of life.

Commercial and managerial expertise is provided by Gemini Biotechnology, which had prior success in the field of infant probiotics through the successful funding and growth of Evolve Biosystems in California.

Prevatex completed a successful seed funding round in late 2017 and is planning a series of clinical trials to confirm safety and commercialise its proprietary probiotic assets.

With a strong portfolio of intellectual property, well credentialed management team and blue-ship seed investors, Prevatex is uniquely positioned to  develop and bring to market the next generation of probiotic-based biotherapeutics to establish, restore, and maintain a healthy maternal microbiome.